Owner Manuals

HT50KX (Proportional) 25′ Boom

Serial # Range Summary of Change / Description Part # Doc # Download Link
110304 - CURRENT GENERATION D: No change to product; changed serial number sequence to align w/ other HT50KX cranes. At S/N 110346, introduced the 22736H valve block w/ Hydraforce PV72 proportional valve. HSBABD-P*** 23023 Download Manual
86022 - 86023 GENERATION D: BoomCage-style A2B; Plastic A2B switch cover;Premium cord reel; boom pad retention system HSBABD-P*** 23023 Download Manual
86019 - 86021 GENERATION D: Original Design – 12/25′ Boom. Introduced the 22736L valve block w/ Command Controls proportional valve. HSBABD-P*** 22997 Download Manual