Crane Body Packages

Venturo Crane Bodies are designed and manufactured for Venturo service cranes. They provide the optimum foundation for the crane and for your worktruck. Venco Venturo manufactures RUGGED and strong crane bodies. They are built RELIABLE and long-lasting, and we have REAL expertise in serving as your number one industry resource. Our 25,000 FT-LB, 40,000 FT-LB, 50,000 FT-LB and 66,000 FT-LB crane bodies are designed to provide enough storage while boosting capacity to lift your maximum loads.

ET12 Crane Body Package

Heavy-Duty Venturo ET12 Crane Body Package

Crane Capacity 3,500 lbs
Crane Body Foot-Pound Rating 25,000 ft-lbs
Body Length 11 ft
Chassis 84 in
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