Venturo® Introduces New 7,800 lb HT45KX Hydraulic Service Crane Featured Image

Venturo® Introduces New 7,800 lb HT45KX Hydraulic Service Crane

Product News

CINCINNATI, Ohio (January 22, 2019) – Venco Venturo Industries has introduced the all new Venturo HT45KX full-hydraulic service crane.  This crane features a maximum lifting capacity of 7,800 lbs and up to 25 ft of boom reach.

This new crane was developed with a lighter-weight, hexagonal boom structure and crane housing which gives service truck operators more crane with a lighter payload.  The HT45KX will feature Venturo’s all-new proprietary VLC™ crane control management system.  Each Venturo hydraulic crane will come standard with this new system which provides operators the benefits of safety control at their fingertips.  This system features a new wireless-remote, pistol-grip controller with safety alerts including handle vibrations and LCD screen alert and status text.  This crane also features an alert light on the underside of the boom which remains green during safe crane operation and yellow/red lights indicating overload or other safety alerts.

The Venturo HT45KX offers boom articulation of -8° to +75° and also features the new Venturo EZ Stow load block safety stow to a quick-release hook under the boom.  This gives the operator a safe way of releasing the load block from being stowed when the crane is raised up to 60°, allowing the hook to safely fall away from the crane without the operator having to remove manually.

The HT45KX will work with all crane service body manufacturers in the industry giving the operators a 7,800 lb crane with more options and reach but also offering a full-hydraulic service crane lighter than most with this capacity.

This gives municipalities, water departments, mining companies and many other industries the opportunity to give their operators a crane with accurate safety systems and full control over their jobsite.

For more information about the HT45KX, visit our product page or to learn more about our VLC™ Crane Control System, visit