Safe Propane Handling Made Easy

Safely transporting and delivering propane tanks to customers requires high levels of precision and care. We’re ready to help with the right equipment so you can safely load, unload and service your customers’ supply, keeping them well-stocked and your propane operation running at peak performance.

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Our rugged cranes and truck packages are designed for smooth, proportional hydraulic functions to give operators many safety and performance advantages, such as:

All day winch run-time
HT40KX crane removes tilt parameters for rural propane delivery
Smaller options for service work with our ET cranes
More flexibility for larger fleets
Proportional controls for variable speed cranes

Recommended products for your propane operation

“As far as lifting capabilities, the Venturo HT30KX crane works wonderfully.
I have no complaints. It works excellently.”

– Ferrellgas, a propane provider