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BOSS Air Compressor Models


Weighing in at only 180lbs (dry), and with one of the smallest footprints in the market, the BOSS BA440 packs a punch producing up to 40cfm @ 150psi!

At the heart of the system is an aluminum, single stage, V4, pressure and splash lubricated reciprocating air compressor. Fully assembled in the U.S., the aluminum compressor assembly offers lighter weight and higher thermal efficiency than cast iron compressor assemblies. The BA440 includes an internal oil pump for increased lubrication over that of splash lubrication only compressors.

30/100 (150 max) 1,150 8 1,850 (2,100 max)
35/100 (150 max) 1,400 10 1,850 (2,100 max)
40/100 (150 max) 1,650 12

1,850 (2,100 max)

BOSS Infinity 35

Based on the success of our Series 35, our new Infinity 35 takes hydraulically driven Rotary Screw Air Compressors to the next level! Smaller size, less weight, new fan location and can handle temperatures up to 110° ambient. This all new belt-driven rotary screw air compressor incorporates the latest technology to deliver instant pressure and continuous output — 35cfm at up to 175psig. No tanks to fill up, no wasted time, air now and for as long as you need it!

  • 20% Size Reduction
  • 20% Weight Reduction
  • New Protected Fan Location
  • Compressor Rated to 110° Ambient
  • Same Mounting Pattern and Weather Proof Electrical Connection
  • Hydraulic Ports Sized to Hose Sizes