Frequently Asked Questions about Venco or Venturo Warranties

Q. When will my warranty be approved?
A. All warranty work must be approved in advance by Venco Venturo warranty department.

Q. When does my warranty start?
A. Warranty begins on the date of product delivery to the original purchaser.

Q. What is the expiration date of warranty on my unit?
A. The expiration date is listed on the warranty document and depends on the type of equipment and in some cases the use of the equipment. If you have questions, please contact your local Venco or Venturo dealer.

Q. Who can do warranty work?
A. An authorized Venco Venturo dealer. To locate your closest authorized Venco Venturo dealer, call 800-226-2238.

Q. Is transportation covered under warranty?
A. Transportation costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. This includes costs for the authorized service provider to travel to the product or transportation of the product to the authorized service provider.

Q. What is not covered under warranty?
A. Items not warranted include:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Used products
  • Those altered or modified in unapproved ways
  • Depreciation
  • Improper maintenance
  • Normal maintenance parts

Q. If I hit something and damage my unit, is it covered under warranty?
A. Warranty does not cover damage caused by collisions.

Q. How do I obtain warranty work?
A. Contact your nearest authorized Venco or Venturo dealer. Call 1-800-226-2238 to find a local dealer near you.

Q. How do I register my unit for warranty?
A. A Venco or Venturo dealer can register the unit, complete and return your postage paid warranty card or go online at Failure to register your warranty will not affect your rights under the warranty, so long as you can show the date the product was purchased.

Q. Where can I find my warranty statement?
A. Your warranty statement is packaged with your operator’s manual, or can be located at: