Venco Hoists Limited Warranty Policy

This limited policy warrants new products of Venco to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of three (3) years from date of original installation.  OEM products or accessories purchased by Venco as part of (or offered with) our product will carry the OEM manufacturer’s respective warranty.  Our warranty covers:

  • Repair or replacement of product
  • Labor to repair or replace product
  • Freight to return and/or replace product

We shall not be liable for any contingent liabilities arising out of the improper function of any products. Warranty shall become void if the product is improperly installed, modified, damaged, abused or used for application other than intended use.  Venco hoists are designed for and intended to be used on stationary trucks dumping on firm and level ground.  Spreading applications and/or shock unloading are strictly prohibited and will void this warranty. There is no warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, warranty arising from course of dealing or usage of trade, or any other implied or expressed warranty, except as made specifically herein. This warranty supersedes all previous warranties, written or implied.

Warranty Claims

Venco Venturo Industries LLC will make a good faith effort for prompt correction or other adjustment with respect to any product, which proves to be defective after our inspection and within the warranty period. Before any repairs are attempted or before returning any product, your Venco Distributor is required to obtain a warranty claim number. This number is necessary for any claim to be considered. To obtain a warranty claim number, Venco requires the model and serial number. Only authorized Venco Distributors can perform warranty. For the name and address of your local Venco Distributor call the Warranty Claim Department – 513-772-8448.

WARNING – It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure the installation is completed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, ensure the ultimate user understands how to operate product in a safe manner, and understands the need for regular service and maintenance by an authorized Venco Distributor. No modifications or alterations may be made to any Venco product without the expressed written consent of Venco Venturo Industries LLC. Installation of any Venco product must be done by an authorized Venco Distributor, to the standards of the industry; including maintenance, service and affixing of all instruction, safety and warning decals. Users should be instructed as to the safe operation at time of delivery. Maintenance, service, operation and safety warning decals are available on request from Venco Venturo Industries LLC.