• MAX. CAPACITY 12,000 lb
  • CRANE RATING 66,000 ft-lb
  • MAX. REACH 25 ft
  • MIN. TRUCK SIZE NEEDED (GVWR) Class 7 (33,000 lbs)

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Introducing the Venturo HT66KX Service Crane: Elevate your lifting capabilities with this robust and versatile service crane designed for peak performance and reliability. The Venturo HT66KX boasts a formidable 12,000 lb capacity, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty applications in various industries including construction, mining, and utilities. Engineered with precision and built to last, this crane features advanced hydraulic technology for smooth and efficient operation, ensuring maximum safety and control. Its expansive reach and powerful lifting capabilities are complemented by a user-friendly design, making it a go-to solution for professionals seeking to enhance their operational efficiency and productivity. Whether you’re lifting heavy machinery or transporting critical materials, the Venturo HT66KX Service Crane is your partner in achieving ambitious lifting tasks with ease and confidence. Discover the strength and reliability of Venturo, and take your service capabilities to new heights.

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Product Features

Wireless Remote
Wireless-remote, pistol-grip controller.  This will be a standard feature as part of the (VLC™) system for ALL proportionally-controlled Venturo Hydraulic Service Cranes.

Precision-overload protection increases operator safety by controlling and preventing any type of overload on the crane.  A result of this feature is a lighter-weight crane, which increases payload capacity on your service truck!

Multiple safety and capacity alerts.  The VLC™ system features (4) alerts:

  • LCD Display Screen Text
  • Transmitter handle vibrations
  • Green/Yellow/Red alert light located on the underside of the boom
  • Corresponding lights on the wireless receiver

Real-time load and status LCD display shows percentage of load, boom angle in degrees, and percentage of total capacity during crane operation.

Vehicle stability and grade control:

Grade Functions
Less than 4.5° Full-capacity and normal operation of the crane
4.5° – 6.5° All crane functions are reduced to 50%
Greater than 6.5° Winch-up, Boom-out and Boom-down functions are prevented


  • Maximum Lift Capacity 12,000 lb (5,443 kg)
  • Crane Rating 66,000 ft-lb
  • Maximum Reach 25 ft
  • Boom Extension Hydraulic: 12 ft - 18 ft - 25 ft
  • Rotation 400° Power Rotation
  • Power Source Hydraulic with Pump & PTO
  • Wire Rope 100 ft of 7/16" Aircraft-Quality Wire Rope
  • Stowed Height 35-1/2"
  • Mounting Space 17-1/2" x 17-1/2" Mounting Plate
  • Weight 2,600 lb
  • Minimum GVWR 33,000 lb
  • Wireless-Remote, pistol-grip controller with LCD Display Screen Text and Transmitter handle vibrations
  • Precision-overload protection
  • Green/Yellow/Red alert light located on the underside of the boom
  • Corresponding alert lights on the wireless receiver
  • Hexagonal Boom Construction for additional strength
  • New Auto-Adjust Anti-Two Blocking System
  • Class 7 (33,000 lbs GVWR)
  • Rear Hydraulic Outriggers Packages (Front for full stability in all zones)
  • PTO, Pump & Reservoir
  • Boom Tip Worklight that auto-adjusts to load movement
  • B Flange, 7/8″ – 13 Spline Pump
  • 40 Gal. Bulkhead-Mount Reservoir
  • Front/Rear – Manual or Hydraulic Outrigger Packages
  • Mounting Pedestal for platform bodies (36″)
  • Adjustable Boom Rest for utility body (18″ – 26″)
  • Custom Paint (Solid color, single-stage Imron, non-metallic)

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