• MAX. CAPACITY 1,900 lb
  • CRANE RATING 6,650 ft-lb
  • MAX. REACH 9 ft 3 in

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Size of a mast crane, functions of an electric-hydraulic crane.

The Venturo CT310KX Electric Mast Crane is a four-function electric crane which features a heavy-duty planetary electric winch and a small footprint.  The crane features an electric winch with hydraulic rotation, hydraulic elevation and hydraulic boom extension.  The CT310KX also comes with optional proportional controls for all hydraulic functions to assist the operator in speeding up or slowing down the movements of the crane.

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Product Features

Compact Footprint
The Venturo CT310KX offers the functionality of a larger electric-hydraulic crane with the size of a smaller mast crane.  Featuring a folding boom and small mounting base, the CT310KX utilizes very little room to allow for a larger work/cargo area.

A Four-Function Mast Crane
As most mast cranes feature full manual control, the CT310KX is unique as it offers an electric power winch and hydraulic mast rotation with hydraulic boom elevation and extension.

Proportional Control Option
The CT310KX offers proportional controls (variable speed control) of all hydraulic functions including rotation, elevation and extension.  This upgrade allows the operator greater control over load placements.



  • Maximum Lift Capacity 1,900 lb (862 kg)
  • Crane Rating 6,650 ft-lb
  • Maximum Reach 9 ft 3 in
  • Boom Extension (Hydraulic) 4 ft 5 in - 6 ft 5 in / (Manual) 6 ft 5 in - 9 ft 3 in
  • Rotation 360° Limited Rotation
  • Power Source Electric Power 12V DC, Hydraulic Power (Extension/Elevation)
  • Wire Rope 50 ft of 3/16" Aircraft-Quality Wire Rope
  • Stowed Height 67-3/4"
  • Mounting Space 10-1/2" x 10-1/2" Mounting Plate
  • Weight 474 lb
  • Minimum GVWR 8,000 lb
  • Load-holding counterbalance valves on all cylinders
  • Adjustable Rotation-Stop
  • Audible Overload-Alarm
  • Remote Control Pendant with 20 ft cord and Quick Disconnect
  • Load block with swivel hook and safety latch
  • Master Disconnect Switch Kit
  • 25 ft, 4-gauge battery cable
  • 250 AMP Circuit Breaker Kit
  • Proportional Controls (Hydraulic Functions – Rotation, Elevation, Extension)
  • Mounting Pedestal
  • Wireless Standard Remote/ Wireless Proportional Remote

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