Electric Light Duty Cranes

Extremely portable with powerful functionality, these cranes from Venturo pack a serious punch. Our electric light duty cranes are also simple to mount and allow for a larger work space and more room for cargo with compact and foldable designs. Each of these products is a great option for lighter job site lifting.


A light-weight and cost-effective crane solution that provides the reach you need at the job site. The DT7K is a simple alternative to full-featured ET series cranes.

Max. Capacity 2,200 lb
Crane Rating 7,000 ft-lb
Max. Reach 10 ft
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This four-function electric mast crane features a small footprint and a heavy-duty planetary electric winch with hydraulic rotation, hydraulic elevation and hydraulic boom extension with optional proportional controls..

Max. Capacity 1,900 lb
Crane Rating 6,650 ft-lb
Max. Reach 9 ft 3 in
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A 2,000 lb. crane, this workhorse is available with your choice of boom sizes, mast heights and winches, and it features an electric winch, manual rotation, manual extension and manual elevation.

Max. Capacity 2,000 lb
Crane Rating 6,000 ft-lb
Max. Reach 3 - 5 ft (Option: 4 - 7 ft)
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CT2000 Series

CT2000 cranes include the CT2003FB and CT2004FB models, featuring winches with manual rotation, manual extension and a folding boom.

Max. Capacity 1,500 - 2,000 lb
Crane Rating 6,000 ft-lb
Max. Reach 5 ft - 7 ft
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A small crane solution, the CE1500FB is an economical crane, featuring an electric winch, manual rotation and extension and a folding boom, for light and medium-duty applications.

Max. Capacity 1,500 lb
Crane Rating 4,500 ft-lb
Max. Reach 3 - 5 ft
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